Wednesday 22 January 2020
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Progressive Level Accreditation

For those healthcare facilities who have achieved entry level accreditation and are willing to move ahead with further improvement of quality, the next level of accreditation offered is progressive level accreditation. It is mandatory to either move to this stage and later to full accreditation or else move out as non-accredited facility.
Progressive level accreditation requires formal documentation of processes, SOPs and policies and also make improvements in processes so as to achieve further enhancement of quality.
Organizations that achieve progressive level of accreditation, find it quite easy to achieve full accreditation in little time.
Entry level-progressive level- full accreditation is a natural migration in the journey for quality and excellence in healthcare delivery.
Blue Ocean Consultants provide optimal solutions, consultancy and support in all phases of accreditation due to their wide experience in all types and levels of healthcare facilities in both public and private sector.

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