Friday 15 November 2019
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Dr.Tushar Chawla

Dr.Tushar Chawla is a senior consultant and resource person with Blue ocean Consultants, actively engaging him in various quality accreditation consultancy and training projects.

Dr. Tushar Chawla did graduation in Dentistry (B.D.S.) in 1997 from Bangalore University, DSCDS Bangalore followed by P.G. certificate course from University of Miami in Oral Implantology. As this was not enough, the passion in Quality healthcare and the enthusiasm to implement Quality management system in dentistry made him to do P.G. certificate course in QM & AHO, from AHA. Quest for further knowledge took him to Germany to do M Sc. (Masters in Oral Implantology) from Frankfurt University, Germany. He was awarded the Fellow of the International College of continuing dental education, Asia-Pacific Dental Federation.

Dr. Tushar is an active practicing senior dental consultant in Delhi since 1999, with special focus on Implantology.

He has done pioneering work in developing the quality NABH standards for Dentistry with QCI and is one of the Co-authors for DHSP standards edition-1, 2010. He is also a Technical Committee member NABH DHSP Standards and a Principal Assessor for NABH DHSP Assessments.

Has been a part of many teams for NABH Assessments for Hospitals, SHCO and DHSPs. He has been a CGHS and ECHS Auditor for empanelment of various dental clinics and other healthcare organizations. He also has been a part of NABET assessment for a certifying body.