Wednesday 22 January 2020
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Basic Life Support Training

Basic Life Support Training

Blue Ocean Consultants is a first generation young, vibrant and lean organization based in NCR Delhi, driven by the mission for “creating uncontested market space for healthcare organizers and providers and making competition irrelevant”. BOC has appropriate mix of young aggressive and senior experienced appropriately qualified and trained healthcare management consultants, architects, planners, clinical specialists, super-specialists, strategy consultants, HR consultants, quality accreditation consultants, trainers and advisers. The consultants and faculty are extensively trained in communication skills and are ranked excellent by most of the client organizations they work with. BOC provides both the Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Care Life Support (ACLS) trainings by AHA Approved trainers. The BLS training is provided to all hospital employees right from the doctors, nurses, dental staff, paramedical staff, technical staff, hospital administration and office personnel, medical lab and medical imaging staff, nursing orderlies, house-keeping staff, security etc. No person working in a hospital/ day care centre/ clinic should be left out of this training. BLS training is provided both at onsite and off site models. The charges range from INR 700/- to 1000/- per delegate depending upon the location of training, number of delegates in each batch and the number of such batches that can be provided training in one contact visit. Additionally Logistics charges are paid as per actual expenditure.

Batch size of 30 to 40 delegates are preferred and up to a maximum of three batches are taken up in one working day.

Both hands on training and assisted practical training are provided to each delegate. A certificate along with a high quality BLS & Code Blue manual is provided to each delegate. The certification is done after a brief examination at the end of each training.

BLS Training

Blue Ocean consultants offer the Basic Life Support (BLS) and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training by AHA approved trainers. In hospital and nursing home situations it is imperative for all healthcare workers to respond to the a cardiac event/ code blue in a spontaneous and coordinated way to elicit a good resuscitative response. It is the duty of all present on site and in the hospital to efficiently and effectively initiate the CPR and provide all necessary support to the victim during a cardiac arrest situation. The steps include early identification of the problem and early initiation of such resuscitation efforts.

Course Contents: BLS/CPR Basics for Adults & Code Blue
Learning Objectives:
Basic Life Support:

Understanding the Basics of BLS & Overview of initial BLS Steps

Step-1 Scene safety

Step-2 Assessment/ Response & Breathing

Step-3 Activate the Emergency Response System and Get an AED

STEP-4 Pulse Check

Step-5 Begin Cycles of 30 Chest Compression and 2 Breaths (CPR)

Chest Compression Technique

Moving the Victim only when Necessary

Opening the Airway for breaths: Head Tilt-Chin Lift

Adult Mouth to –Barrier Device Breathing

Using the Barrier Device during 2-Rescuer CPR

BLS/CPR Basics for Children from 1 Year of Age to Puberty (Child BLS):

Why Breaths are Important for Infants and Children in Cardiac Arrest?

BLS CPR for Infants:

BLS/CPR Basics for Infants

Infant BLS

Compression Depth in Infants

1-Rescuer Infant CPR



Equipment for Code Blue

Code Blue Central Control

Staff Identification for Code Blue

Training, Mock Drill & Recording of events

First Responder responsibilities

Telephone Operator responsibilities

Second Responder responsibilities

Third Responder responsibilities

Code Blue Team responsibilities

Nurse In-charge responsibilities

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