Friday 21 February 2020
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Basic Life Support Training for Timely Help- Patna Training

Basic Life Support Training for Timely Help- Patna Training

Patna, 20th September, 2014
“Each One Save One- Training”
-Blue Ocean Consultants launch Basic Life Support Training in Patna

Blue Ocean launched the Basic Life Support (BLS) training in Patna on 20th September, 2014. The training was provided at three locations and ninety six healthcare workers were trained in the art of saving life. These include doctors, nurses, paramedical staff & administrative staff etc. From various hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, dental facilities, medical labs and diagnostic facilities.
BLS is considered to be a form of training that needs to be provided to each and every person working in healthcare industry both in public and private sector. Dr. Ashish K. Gupta said “a basic knowledge & art of saving life is an essential requirement of each healthcare worker in the society. Ironically there are few healthcare workers who actually have the knowledge or practical exposure of such life saving procedure. The problem is compounded when the avenues for such training are not available to them. While healthcare planners think of larger strategies, the basic element of healthcare in the form of BLS is missing in most of the healthcare settings.”
The participants in this training were provided with both theoretical and hands on practical training in BLS by the expert trainers that are approved by American Heart Association. The participants were enthusiastic and they expressed confidence that they shall be able to save more lives after getting such vital training. Some even expressed that this should be a part of their regular training and frequent refresher programmes must be conducted for them.
Blue Ocean also provides a systematic approach and solutions for sustainable quality, safety & disaster management in hospitals. The strategies are innovative, simple and practical.
Soon they shall be holding one to one meetings and provide strategic guidance to a lot of hospitals, nursing homes and clinicians with the sole idea of making the healthcare delivery safe and of good quality. Dr. Ashish further added that there is need for sustained and continuous quality improvement in healthcare delivery. Though it is a slow process, if the direction of efforts made is right we shall be able to definitely achieve quality and safety in hospitals in coming years.

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