Wednesday 22 January 2020
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NABH Accreditation Projects

NABH Accreditation Projects

Taking on the complete NABH project is a big challenge that any hospital/ nursing home/ clinic/ dental facility might take up. This is a very important tool for bringing quality and safety in the healthcare facility and delivery. Once this decision is taken it is important for the top management of the healthcare facility to search for various options to go ahead with technical support for complete accreditation.
Often attempts to go ahead with internal resource and expertise in this matter fail. This is due to many reasons, principles ones being the paternalistic view of the top management towards change agents, with the attitude of scoring high for each quality gap and compromising on resource allocation being the major reasons.
Change management is a specialist’s job and attempts by hospital administrators require acquisition of special tools and understanding of various techniques to handle change management besides having deep understanding and expertise of handling quality issues, including documentation. BOC are the most appropriate change agents that one can engage with in this project.

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List of Hospitals and healthcare facilities where Dr. Ashish K. Gupta/ Blue Ocean Consultants have been engaged for Accreditation as per NABH Standards:

NABH Projects for Medical College/ Tertiary Care Hospitals

NABH Projects for Other Hospitals

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