Friday 21 February 2020
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Areas of Engagement of Blue Ocean Consultants:

The company is based in NCR Delhi, India but undertakes healthcare projects across India.
It is currently engaged in providing consultancy, guidance and support to healthcare organizer and provider organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics for:
Feasibility Study for NABH Accreditation

  • Gap Analysis on NABH Accreditation Standards
  • Quality accreditation with focus on NABH
  • Process optimization and improvement
  • Development of Quality manuals, documentation, forms and formats
  • Designing the indicator programme for both clinical and managerial processes
  • Infrastructural designing & improvement
  • Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Training
  • Manpower rationalization
  • Equipment Planning and Management
  • Training in quality processes and safety
  • Training in infection control
  • Medical, clinical and nursing audit training
  • Disaster prevention and management/ safety training
  • Business strategy reorientation
  • Other related issues

BOC also provides services ranging from feasibility study to generating Gap analysis on NABH Standards for Medical/ dental colleges, hospitals, single specialty hospitals, multi-specialty hospitals, super-specialty hospitals, dental clinics, nursing homes, allopathic clinics etc. The gap analysis is conducted on NABH Objective elements/ Processes, infrastructure, man-power, equipment & regulatory compliance. The BOC Teams are well trained and oriented for such activities. Complete confidentiality of all information exchange is assured during such activities.
Complete NABH Accreditation projects consultancy is also undertaken where BOC team members understand the unique requirements of each organization and customize the pace and contents of the consultancy as per the client readiness stage and management capacity.
BOC also provides specialized manpower for the hospital quality cell ranging from quality manager to quality executive and coordinators. This is handled by a separate dedicated administration and HR division of BOC.
BOC service charges are competitive but the main focus is on having satisfied customers through proper and adequate delivery of services.